Friday, June 5, 2009

A Taste for Smoked Tuna

Yesterday, as most days, I had a craving for fish. I was starting to get the hang of the hours at Go Fish and thought I'd make it down before they closed at 6:30PM. It's a tiny, out-of-the-way, fish and chip stand right beside the fishing boats under the Granville bridge. Every piece they drop into their beer batter comes from these local fishermen who are just a docks walk away. I made the mistake of sharing my batch of batter encrusted salmon. I could've eaten both pieces, and the fries, it was all so delish; and while my piece was ample it somehow still didn't kill the craving.

Fortunately, from the tiny outdoor patio, I spotted fishing boats selling off their catch. I wandered down to see who was still open for business and found the man in the pic. Not the gorgeous celebrity chef and host of TV cooking show The Main, Anthony Sedlak, no, the darling man on the right. He's docked down at the harbour for just a few days selling smoked tuna (and showing people his picture here with Sedlak as featured in yesterday's Vancouver Sun). He sold me a nice chunk of fish for $10 which I've kept frozen and simply cut pieces off of when I need a taste of tuna; it thaws very quickly due to its fatty nature. Now I can deal with my craving without spending a fortune heading out for sushi or dropping a bunch of coin at Safeway. I've got it right here anytime I want.

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