Saturday, August 1, 2009

Final Day of Fireworks

Oh Canada. Or Maybe, Eh, Canada?, originally uploaded by WAXY..

The Celebration of Light continues tonight in Vancouver harbour. From most parts of the city, from Spanish Banks to Stanley Park to the north shore, one can see the festive display. I've truly been blown away by the calibre of this craft. Amazed by the South African display last Saturday which I caught from a high-rise at English Bay. Tonight I'll probably watch from Kitsilano beach, or the MacMillan Space Centre, which are within walking distance of my place, and forego the usual hassle of moving into and out of restricted areas.

It's a tremendous privilege to live in a city with such a marvel we can all share. I imagine it's at quite an expense too. Not sure who picks up the tab but I did read that picking up the trash after the show adds another $30,000 to the taxpayer's bill. C'mon people! Taxes are too high already. This is really a ridiculous price to pay for lazy people who don't share the "Carry out what you carry in" philosophy. Tonight, if you see someone dumping their trash, make a point and show them how to show a little respect for their environment.